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Financial targets

Swedbank’s Board of Directors decided in early 2011 to introduce a profitability target and a capitalisation target. In February 2012 the Board of Directors decided to withdraw its capital target. The Board of Directors will decide on a new target once the regulatory situation is deemed more stable.

Return on equity

  • The return on equity shall amount to at least 15 per cent.

The return on equity for the full year 2013 was 12.5 per cent (14.6).

Low interest rates and high capitalisation make it more difficult, but not impossible, to achieve the profitability goal. 

Return on equity, total operations
 Q4 13Q3 13Q2 13Q1 13Q4 12Q3 12Q2 12Q1 12
%13.416.16.513.816.9 14.313.214.1



Because future capital rules are not yet complete, the Board of Directors has not established a capital goal.
During 2013 the capital position continued to improve.

 Common equity Tier 1 ratio (Basel 2)*

 Q4 13Q3 13Q2 13Q1 13 Q4 12 Q3 12 Q2 12Q1 12 

Common equity Tier 1 ratio (Basel 3)**

 Q4 13Q3 13Q2 13Q1 13 Q4 12 Q3 12 Q2 12 Q1 12
 %18.318.017.216.4 15.415.415.1 14.5

* From 2012 including IAS 19-effect

** According to Swedbank’s current calculation based on the new regulations.

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