Press releases

2019-08-28: Jens Henriksson appointed as new President and CEO of Swedbank
2019-06-19: Swedbank's Extraordinary General Meeting 2019
2019-06-17: Changes within the Management Board of Swedbank AS, Estonia
2019-04-25: Swedbank establishes a dedicated Anti-Financial Crime unit and makes changes in Group Executive Committee
2019-04-05: Comment from the Nomination Committee
2019-04-05: Chair Lars Idermark has decided to leave Swedbank
2019-04-01: The Economic Crime Authority will not proceed with Bill Browder's allegations against Swedbank
2019-03-31: Regarding Swedbank and The Swedish Economic Crime Authority (EBM)
2019-03-28: Swedbank's Annual General Meeting 2019
2019-03-28: Birgitte Bonnesen leaves Swedbank. Anders Karlsson appointed acting President and CEO
2019-03-27: Comment on recent developments
2019-03-27: Information on ongoing activity at Swedbank HQ
2019-03-26: The Swedbank nomination committee propose to strengthen the Board of Directors
2019-03-22 Report by Forensic Risk Alliance
2019-03-19 Comments on media reports
2019-02-26 Swedbank appoints FRA as external investigator
2019-02-20 Comment on AML focus in Swedish media

More information

2019-08-23 Swedish FSA: Timeframe for investigations into Swedish banks’ management of money laundering risks in the Baltics
2019-07-17 Swedbank Q2 2019 Interim report - update on AML, page 2, 9-10
2019-04-25 Swedbank Q1 2019 Interim report - update on AML, page 2, 9-10
2019-03-22 Conference call addressing the report concluded by Forensic Risk Alliance
2019-03-20 Background information
2019-02-20 Conference call addressing reports in Swedish media (trancription)

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