In Swedbank as

(meeting attendance, calendar year 2018)

  • Board of Directors, member (15/16)
  • Risk and Capital Committee, member (13/13)

Board member’s independence

Bo Johansson is the CEO of Swedbank Sjuhärad, which is, according to the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, a company closely related to Swedbank. Thus, Bo Johansson is not considered to be independent in relation to Swedbank and the bank’s management. Bo Johansson is considered independent in relation to the bank’s major shareholders.


M.Sc. Business & Economics

Bank specific experience

Operative: 28 years
Bord: 2 years (2017)

Work experience

Current position:

CEO, Swedbank Sjuhärad AB

Previous experience:

  • Bank Manager, Swedbank AB Jämtland/Härjedalen
  • Head of Trade Finance, Swedbank Markets
  • Bank Manager, Sparbanken Härjedalen
  • Acting Manager, Sparbanken Sveg

Other assignments


Own and closely related parties’ shareholding in Swedbank

Insider register/transactions

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