In Swedbank as

  • Vice chair
  • Risk- and Capital Committee, Chair
  • Audit Committee, Member
  • Governance Committee, Member
  • Remuneration Committee, Member


Higher banking training

Bank specific experience

Operative: 29 years
Bank’s Board of Directors: 7 years

Current position and other assignments

  • KBC Bank NV, (Belgium), Board member

Previous experience

2016-2021 Rikshem AB, Chair
2013–2019 SBAB Bank AB and Sveriges Säkerställda Obligationer AB, Chair
2013–2019 Carnegie Holding AB and Carnegie Investment Bank AB, Chair
2013–2016 NS Holding AB and Fastighetsbolaget Norrporten AB, Chair
2012–2015 4T-WyWallet, Chair
1982–2011 Leading positions in SEB

Own and closely related parties’ shareholding in Swedbank

20 000

Board member's independence

Independent in relation to the bank and the management of the bank and independent in relation to the bank’s major shareholders.

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