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Strategic focus areas

Swedbank's strategic focus areas, illustration

We have identified four strategic focus areas across the group on which we focus our efforts: core business, customer value, operational efficiency, and fundamentals.

Four strategic focus areas

Core business

Swedbank will focus on growing the strong and profitable core business in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Sweden, our home markets. Swedbank primarily serves the many private and small to medium sized corporates as well as a selected number of large companies, within our core product segments; lending, financing, savings, insurance and daily banking. Partnerships and collaborations will be leveraged to address customer needs and the Savings banks remain the most important partner. Further, sustainability is an important part of Swedbank’s core and Swedbank will continue to take lead in the sustainability transformation.

Customer value creation

Swedbank is a relationship-driven bank with a competitive advantage in being a digital bank with physical presence, and ability to create value for customers based on their needs. Success has been built on long-term relationships and having an offering that allows customers to trust their whole financial situation with Swedbank. It is important to remain an attractive choice for the many customers and ensure that Swedbank delivers on customers’ expectations and remain a reliable partner through their lives. This is achieved by a strategic focus on customer relationships and experience with a customer centric mindset. Focus will be on delivering in line with the customer promise of an “easier financial life” with focus on proactivity, advice, sustainability and simplicity in customer journeys.


To enable Swedbank’s strong and profitable core business the foundation on which the bank stands must be stable and resilient to ensure long term shareholder value. A strategic important area is therefore to focus on the fundamentals relating to regulatory compliance, internal governance and controls, stable and resilient technology infrastructure and being an attractive workplace with a culture based on inclusion and accountability. These areas are critical to ensure Swedbank’s license to operate, sound risk management, customer trust and satisfaction, employee engagement and cost efficiency, but they are also central to enable further transformation in other strategic areas.

Operational efficiency

Our focus is to reduce complexity, standardise products and offerings and increase efficiency in processes and ways of working to simplify for our customers and realise value of investments and resources. New technology and automation is a key lever to enable further efficiencies and release capacity for the most value-adding tasks. This will allow for Swedbank to profitably serve the many, leverage economies of scale and continue to meet the expectations of our customers and keep up with competition.