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Corporate Sustainability

As a major player in the financial market, we can play a part in financing future sustainable innovations. At the same time, by factoring sustainability risks into our decisions, we can reduce social and ecological risks and contribute to a more sustainable business community. We have the opportunity to promote and support long-term development by helping to finance sustainable
innovations and services.

We also have an important role to play by factoring sustainability risks into our financing and investment decisions. We therefore integrate key sustainability aspects into our daily work within investments, corporate lending, purchase etc.

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Sustainable banking

Promoting a sound and sustainable society is our main competitive edge in attracting customers, staff and investors. Our sustainable policy is the platform for the Group's sustainability framework and outlines our responsibility towards the society we act in.

Corporate governance

Sound corporate governance practices are essential to achieving and maintaining public trust and confidence in the banking system.

Movies from Swedbank

Financial innovation is not about money, it is about people. We have gathered movies about some of our societal engagements on this site.

Awards and rankings

Swedbank has received numerous awards and favourable rankings in various indexes and studies. Some of them are listed here.

Sustainability Report

As of 2014, we are integrating our Sustainability Report with the Annual Report. In it we explain how we integrate sustainability into our core processes and business decisions. Specific GRI information is found in Swedbank GRI Report 2015.

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