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Baltic Sea Report

Once a year, Swedbank Macro Research makes a general economic assessment of the countries around the Baltic Sea from a structural perspective.

The Baltic Sea Report discusses key aspects of economic competitiveness, focusing on reforms and reform needs. To this end, it calculates the Swedbank Baltic Sea structural index, which compares the current status of the countries around the Baltic Sea and identifies weaknesses and strengths. It also discusses policy developments. The report is of particular interest to medium- and large-sized companies that do business in these countries or are contemplating expansion into these markets.

Baltic Sea Report: Heart-warming growth is a poor excuse to postpone reforms

2017 12 06
Growth at its cyclical peak
Productivity is the key to income convergence in the Baltics
Sustainable development – where do we stand?
Universal basic income – utopia or an urgent necessity?

Baltic Sea Report: Half-hearted reforms will not raise competitiveness and boost growth

2016 12 08
Mind the risks to long-term growth
Exports hold the key to future growth in the Baltics
The services sector – stronger, smarter and more diversified

Baltic Sea Report: Geopolitical challenges require closer collaboration

2015 12 02
Cooperate more to grow more
Income inequality and poverty: is a higher minimum wage the best answer?
Taxes in the Baltics: which way forward?

Baltic Sea Report: Integrate. Compete. Grow... and repeat!

2014 12 03
In search of growth
Baltic Sea index: the region’s structural qualities have improved, but still much to do
FDI in the Baltics: weaker inflows, but growing investments abroad

Baltic Sea Report: Integrate. Compete. Grow

2013 11 28
Growth in the region is set to improve after a weak 2013
Baltic Sea index: no gains in structural competitiveness
Reform push is needed to build competitiveness and growth

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