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Swedbank welcomes you to the Nordic-Baltic region.

We are one of the leading service providers in the Nordic-Baltic region. With our experience and know-how we can offer safe and reliable inter-bank cash management solutions. Local presence, experience and in-depth knowledge give our customers easy access to market information. Having classified the Nordic-Baltic region as our home market, we enable our customers to work in a borderless environment.

By using Swedbank for your payments in the Nordic-Baltic region, you will be able to reach all banks within the region, as we participate in all of the domestic clearing systems. Commercial payments are forwarded to any bank in the region as if there were only one bank with a single infrastructure.

We can offer you flexible and customized services, and our dedicated service team will provide support on any issues you may encounter.

Commercial Payments

Swedbank is strongly committed to the payment business and is proud of its strong track record in processing international payments.
Terms and Conditions - Cash Services

Account services

Thanks to its local presence, Swedbank is able to offer cash management services throughout the Nordic-Baltic region.

Clearing and Settlement

Swedbank has extensive experience as a Clearing and Settlement provider for both domestic and international institutions in the Nordic-Baltic region.
Terms and conditions for Account Services and Clearing and Settlement will be provided upon request.
Order terms and conditions


STP Format

For the efficient handling of your payments, we implement the following procedure.

The PDF files below show the STP requirement to which Swedbank adheres.


Settlement instructions for Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Derivative Transactions as well as Commercial Payments.

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