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Cash Management

Woman paying with card at the store

Cash Management frees up capital and time by optimising flows. We provide our clients with advice and support by mapping flows and identifying areas for improvement that facilitate streamlined processes, efficient liquidity management, and smart payment routines.

We help companies and institutions refine their financial control through rational account structures and cash pools - locally as well as globally. With a broad product portfolio, we make it easier for large corporations to rationalise their use of capital by establishing their own internal banks and payment factories.

We provide advice and solutions on:

  • Seoul


    Optimise your balance sheet for effective Cash Management.

  • Man doing some christmas shopping online

    Cash Pooling

    Techniques for improved efficiency.

  • Smiling woman leaning shoulder against wall


    Safe and future-proofed payment solutions

  • Card reader at the market

    Cash and Cards

    Cards offering added value – on demand.

  • Woman showing business details on a computer

    Online Banking Solutions

    Doing business when and where it suits you.

  • Man having a business meeting with a senior


    E-invoicing reduces the need for manual handling of paper or scanned invoices.

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