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Swedbank Robur maintains top position in MoneyMates Fund Rating list


For the second time this year, Swedbank Robur has the largest amount of funds with either four or five stars in MoneyMate’s Fund Rating. With 60 top-rated funds Robur ends up in the first place, way ahead of number two with 39 high-rated funds.

- It's obviously very gratifying, and shows that Swedbank Robur's funds stands up very well in the competition, says Carina Tovi, Head of Products at Swedbank Robur.

The first quarter of 2011, Robur was on top of MoneyMates Fund Rating list with 59 funds that had at least four out of five stars.

Here is the "top five" according to MoneyMates assessment during the second quarter of 2011:

Swedbank, 60 funds
SEB, 39 funds
Fidelity, 30 funds
Nordea, 28 funds
Handelsbanken, 27 funds

This is the second fund ranking analysis done by MoneyMate. The fund analysis company has for many years ranked funds in the Italian and Irish markets. The concept was then introduced in the Swedish market in March. MoneyMate’s grading system provides an assessment of a fund's historical performance over a three year period.

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