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Priit Perens

Priit Perens new Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Banking Association


Priit Perens, Head of Swedbank in Estonia, has been elected new Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Banking Association (EBA). He will replace Riho Unt, Chairman of the Board of SEB, who has led the association for the last two years.

Priit Perens says that in the years to come the Estonian Banking Association will continue to represent the interests of banks in drafting banking-related legislation, actively take part in national and international cooperation and promote the spread of good banking standards.

“It is important for the association that the whole of the sector behave in accordance with good banking practices which first and foremost include the following; responsible lending and taking responsibility based on the lessons of the previous economic crisis”, Priit Perens says.

The Chairmen of the Board of the Estonian Banking Association are traditionally replaced after two years on a rotational basis. Priit Perens will serve as the chairman of the board until 2014.

The Estonian Banking Association was founded in 1992 by 21 commercial banks with the primary objective to develop Estonian banking and to coordinate the activities necessary for solving the problems common to the member banks. It unites 12 banks operating in Estonia and the Board includes the following: Chairman of the Board Priit Perens Swedbank, members of the Board Riho Unt, SEB, Aivar Rehe, Sampo Bank, Vahur Kraft, Nordea, Valeri Haritonov, Tallinn Business Bank, Andrus Kluge, Eesti Krediidipank, Sofia Kirsimaa, Citadele Bank, Taavi Laur, UniCredit Bank, Hans Pajoma, DNB, Erki Kilu, LHV Bank, Targo Raus, BIGBANK and Arja Jurmu, Pohjola Bank.

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