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Cover pool

Data as per 30 June 2017

Loan-to-value calculation as defined by the Association of Swedish Covered Bond Issuers www.ascb.se

Cover pool data

Cover pool summaryJun 2017Mar 2017Dec 2016Sep 2016Jun 2016
Total assets in the cover pool, SEKbn904.0890.8878.4856.3843.8
Number of borrowers1 121 6521 123 3531 126 9711 110 6691 111 910
Number of properties752 889752 859754 463742 981743 368
Average loan size, SEK563 164555 390546 803540 454532 826
Number of loans outstanding1 605 2901 603 8751 606 4161 584 4101 583 691
Over-collateralisation level74.1%72.6%67.3%63.1%59.5%
Weighted Average LTV (property level)50%50%50%51%52%
Average seasoning , months6666656666
Type of loans in the pool 
Residentials 92.0%92.0%92.0%91.7%91.6%
of which Single-family housing 57.1%57.2%57.5%57.4%57.5%
of which Tenant owner rights20.3%20.0%19.9%19.6%19.3%
of which Tenant owner associations10.0%10.2%10.2%10.3%10.4%
of which Multi-family housing4.6%4.6%4.4%4.4%4.4%
Forest & Agricultural6.7%6.7%6.8%6.9%7.0%
Geographic distribution (more granular in pdf)
Middle (including Stockholm)44.2%44.2%44.2%44.8%44.9%
South (including Gothenburg and Malmoe)49.4%49.4%49.4%48.7%48.6%
Interest rate fixing, floating / fixed
(distribution by refixing period as percentage of total cover pool)
Floating (reset in < 365 days)72.5%73.1%73.5%72.0%71.3%
Fixed, reset period 1-2 Y8.7%8.6%9.4%10.3%10.9%
Fixed, reset period 2-5 Y16.9%16.5%15.2%15.8%15.9%
Fixed, reset period > 5 Y1.9%1.8%1.9%1.9%1.9%
Repayment structure, on property level
Interest only35%36%37%38%39%

Non-performing loans 1)

(see pdf. for split of loans past due 0-60 days)

1) Loans past due > 60 days are not eligible for the cover pool
Covered bonds
Rating of the Covered bond programme (S&P / Moody's)AAA/AaaAAA/AaaAAA/AaaAAA/AaaAAA/Aaa
Total outstanding amount, nominal, SEKm 1)519 360516 115525 055524 873529 019
Weighted average maturity period38 months38 months36 months36 months37 months
FX distribution                                 SEK71%70%70%69%67%
1) FX-rate as per trade date; Gross outstanding amount, i.e. including intra-group holdings.


ECBC Covered Bond Label

Swedbank Mortgage is a member of the ECBC Covered Bond Label Initiative. The labelled covered bonds issued by Swedbank Mortgage can be found on the ECBC Covered Bond Label website.

ECBC label initiative

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