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Funding programmes & prospectuses

 Funding Programmes

Swedbank AB 


Limit, billion


Global Medium Term NoteUSD40Prospectus
Medium Term Note (structured retail bonds)SEK60Prospectus
USD Senior Unsecured Bonds (144a / Reg. S)USD15Prospectus
Australian Debt Issuance Programme - Medium Term NotesAUD10**Prospectus
Medium Term Note***SEK5Prospectus
NSV (Namensschuldverschreibung, stand alone documentation)
Domestic Commercial PaperSEK80 
Euro Commercial Paper / CDEUR6 
US Commercial PaperUSD 20 
Yankee Certificate of DepositUSD 20 
Finnish Certificate of DepositEUR 

Swedbank Mortgage AB


Limit, billion


Domestic covered bonds programmes   
Domestic Benchmark Covered BondsSEKUnlimited*Prospectus
Medium Term Note Covered bonds SEK150Prospectus
International covered bond programmes   
Euro Medium Term Note Covered BondsEUR25Prospectus
USD Covered Bonds (144a / Reg. S)USD 15Prospectus
Norwegian Benchmark covered bonds NOKUnlimited*Prospectus
Australian Debt Issuance Programme - Covered BondsAUD10**Prospectus
Registered Covered Bonds (stand alone documentation)
Domestic Commercial PaperSEK50 
* Limited by cover pool size

** Total Programme Limit 10bn
***Originally issued by Sparbanken Öresund 


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