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Outstanding subordinated debt (parent company)

Q3, 2018


Lower Tier 2 

ISIN code 

Value dateMaturity dateCoupon Call dateCoupon after call date Curr.Nom.amount millionRating Fitch/Moody's/S&P
SE0000122111  26 Apr 89 26 Apr 1911.00%n.a.Fixed 11% until maturitySEK 111
XS103649463826 Feb 1426 Feb 242.375%26 Feb 19Fixed rate eq. to EUR MS+140bpsEUR750A+/Baa1/A-
SE000549778125 Oct 1325 Oct 233mStibor+310bps25 Oct 183mStibor+310bpsSEK400
SE000556159427 Nov 1327 Nov 233mStibor+300bps27 Nov 183mStibor+300bpsSEK150
XS161785946422 May 1722 Nov 271.00%22 Nov 22Fixed rate eq. to EUR MS+82bpsEUR650A+/Baa1/A-
XS179681358928 Mar 1828 Mar 330.90%28 Mar 28MS+34.25bpsJPY408
XS180717927712 Apr 1812 Apr 280.75%12 Apr 23Fixed rate eq. to JPY MS+64.625bpsJPY649
XS18166419378 May 188 May 281.59%8 May 231.59%SEK1 200-/Baa1/A-
XS184875535823 Jun 1829 Jun 280.95%29 Jun 23Fixed rate eq. to JPY MS+85.125bpsJPY11 000-/Baa1/A-
XS188092845918 Sep 1818 Sep 281.50%18 Sep 23Fixed rate eq. to EUR MS+85.125bpsEUR500A+/Baa1/A-

Additional Tier 1

ISIN code
Value dateMaturity date Coupon Call dateCoupon after step-upCurr.Nom.amount millionRating Fitch/Moody's/S&P
XS119065577619 Feb 15Perpetual5.50%17 Mar 20Fixed rate eq. to USD MS+377bpsUSD750BBB/Ba1/BBB
XS153595313416 Dec 16Perpetual6.00%17 Mar 22MS+411bpsUSD500BBB/Ba1/BBB

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