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Other income
Profit from sale of subsidiaries and associates2213
Branch sales5434
Income from real estate operations11
Capital gains on sales of properties, equipment, etc.1 
IT services1 0741 051
Other operating income230210
Total1 3331 709

In 2009 Swedbank AB sold the European Agency for Debt Recovery in Ukraine to TAS Group. The sale generated a capital loss of SEK 6m.

In 2009 Swedbank AB, together with other Swedish banks, sold its shareholding in Privatgirot AB to Banc Tec. The capital gain amounted to SEK 2m.

In 2009 Swedbank AB sold four branches to Sparbanken Nord, three branches to Sparbanken Dalsland, two branches to Sparbanken Rekarne, one branch to Tidaholms Sparbank and one branch to Sparbanken 1826. The sales generated capital gains of SEK 397m.

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