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Competition in Swedbank's home markets

In Sweden, Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Nordea and SEB accounted for about 70 per cent of deposits and lending in 2016. Swedbank is biggest in retail banking and has a leading position in lending to private customers (23 per cent), deposits from private customers (21 per cent) and fund management (21 per cent). In the Swedish corporate market the bank’s share was 18 per cent for lending and 20 per cent for deposits at the end of 2016.

The Estonian banking sector is more concentrated than Sweden’s. The market is dominated by foreign companies, with Swedbank, SEB, Nordea and Danske Bank together controlling around 90 per cent. Swedbank had a market share of 55 per cent for deposits from private customers, 47 per cent for lending and 41 per cent for fund management. In the Estonian corporate market the bank’s share was 34 per cent for lending and 43 per cent for deposits.

Latvia has a more fragmented market where local banks account for 30 to 70 per cent of the various segments. In 2016 Swedbank accounted for 31 per cent of deposits, 41 per cent of fund assets under management and 31 per cent of lending to private customers. In the corporate market the bank’s share was 16 per cent for lending and 15 per cent for deposits.

Like in Sweden, the banking market in Lithuania is dominated by a few major players. Among private customers, Swedbank accounted for 40 per cent of deposits, 37 per cent of fund volumes and 34 per cent of lending. In the corporate market the bank’s share was 19 per cent for lending and 26 per cent for deposits.

Swedbank's market shares on its home markets

Below you will find the market shares on Swedbank's home markets. For more information, please see our annual report and fact book under Financial reports.


Market shares, %

Updated February 2016

31 Dec

31 Dec

31 Dec

 31 Dec

30 Dec
Loans*, private2323232424
  of which mortgage loans2425252525
Deposits, private2021212121
Life insurance 1), new premiums55656
Life insurance 1), premium income66777
Mutual funds2121222324
Loans*, corporate1818191917
Deposits, corporate1720191918
Bank Giro ( Sep 2016)3634343434
Loans*, private4647474646
   of which mortgage loans4646464546
Deposits, private5555555454
Pensions, private4241414041
Loans*, corporate3734343435
Deposits, corporate4343413637
Domestic Payments (Sep 2016)5959595959
International payments (Sep 2016)1932323337
Loans*, private3131292929
  of which mortgage loans (Sep 2016)3434323131
Deposits, private3231282829
Pensions, private4241424241
Loans*, corporate (Dec 2016)1716171717
Deposits, corporate1515121214
Domestic Payments (Jun 2016)5053535340
International payments (Jun 2016)456421
Loans*, private (Sep 2016)3434282827
  of which mortgage loans (Sep 2016)3333272726
Deposits, private (Sep 2016)4040383737
Pensions, private (Oct 2016)3735353535
Loans*, corporate (Sep 2016)1819212321
Deposits, corporate (Sep 2016)2526212225
Domestic Payments (Sep 2016)4947424140
International payments out (Sep 2016)2727262527

* Excluding credit institutions, Swedish National Debt Office and repurchase agreements

1) Rolling 12 months. From 2015 market shares are measured as premiums paid (excl. transfer of capital from other insurance companies) instead of premium income.

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