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Key ratios

More key ratios, business area P&L's, etc. could be found in our quarterly Fact book, under the heading financial information.

Key ratios, Swedbank Group2016201520142013 2012
Return on equity, continuing operations, %15.813.515.214.715.6
Return on total assets, %0.820.670.800.68 0.76
Earnings per share before dilution, continuing operations, SEK17.6014.2415.1713.8913.94
Earnings per share after dilution, continuing operations, SEK17.5014.1415.0513.7913.88
Equity per share, SEK116.60111.40106.3599.82 93.70
Cost/Income ratio 0.390.430.450.45 0.46
Net Interest Margin1. 1.12
Common Equity Tier 1 capital  ratio, % 1) 15.4
Credit quality
Credit impairment ratio, %
Share of impaired loans, gross %0.520.400.410.55 1.05
Total provision ratio for impaired loans, % 46565354 62
Other data     
Private customers, million 2) 7.2
Corporate customers, thousands 3)651640642624 616
Full-time employees14 06113 89314 58314 265 14 861
Branches 4)603658709721753

1) 2015 and 2014 according to current regulation Basel 3. Prior years figures are Swedbank’s estimate based on current knowledge of future regulations.

2) Number of private customers in the Baltic countries are reported according to a new definition as of 2015, lowering the reported number of customers by approximately 0.8 million for 2014. Historical figures have been restated accordingly.

3) In 2011, 60 000 corporate customers with one-man businesses were reclassified as private customers, based on the Swedish Tax Authority’s review of the definition of a company

4) Including savings banks and partly owned banks.

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