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Consensus estimates (SME)

The earnings estimates are delivered by SME Direkt and are based on estimates made by analysts covering Swedbank.

Yearly results are updated regularly and the quarterly estimates are published a couple of days before each interim report.


 Consensus/Konsensus 2018-03-05

 Estimates (SEKm)/Estimat (mkr)2018 Q1201820192020
Net interest income/Räntenetto 6 25125 31426 31127 292
Net commission income/Provisionsnetto3 04412 57312 98813 392
Earnings from op at fair value/Nettoresultat finansiella poster till verkligt värde4671 9171 9811 892
Other income/Övriga intäkter7273 0093 0073 064
Total income/Totala intäkter 10 48842 80044 29245 674
Staff costs/Personalkostnader-2 437-9 847-9 906-9 964
Total Costs/Totala kostnader-4 187-16 854-16 962-17 062
Profit before loan losses/Resultat före kreditförluster6 30125 94727 33028 612
Loan losses/Kreditförluster-344-1 443-1 643-1 881
Operating profit/ Rörelseresultat5 95224 48925 67526 719
Tax expense/Skattekostnad-1 268-5 330-5 631-5 861
Net attributable profit/Nettovinst4 68119 14520 03020 843
EPS (SEK)/Resultat per aktie (kr)4.2017.1917.9918.72
DPS Common (SEK)/Utdelning per A-aktie (kr)-12.8713.4314.00
Core Tier-1 ratio /Kärnprimärkapitalrelation24.624.725.125.5


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