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Against the backdrop of a robust earning capacity and low risk, coupled with limited credit demand, Swedbank’s dividend policy is to distribute 75 per cent of profit for the year to shareholders (the dividend policy took effect from the financial year 2012, previously 50 per cent). This policy allows Swedbank to grow long-term while at the same time promoting efficient use of capital. The dividend for 2016 was SEK 13.20 per share, corresponding to a payout ratio of 75 per cent of profit.

Dividend period20162015201420132012201120102009200820072006
Cash dividend per A share, SEK13.2010.7011.3510.109.90 5.302.
Cash dividend per preference share, SEK9.90 5.304.800.000.00  
Dividend ratio, %7575757575 5040003539
Dividend growth, A shares, %23-612287 152 n.a.00910
Yield per year-end, A shares, per cent* 5.9 4.93.3
Yield per year-end, preference shares, per cent*7.8 5.9  

* Dividend ratio for the year, excluding capital gains

Dividend periodLast trading day with right to dividendRecord DatePayment
201630 March 20173 April 20176 April 2017
20155 April 20167 April 201612 April 2016
201426 March 201530 March 20152 April 2015
201319 March 201424 March 201427 March 2014

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