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Share statistics


Share statistics20172016201520142013
Swedbank A (common) 
High price*, SEK231,40229.90223.90199.80182.8
Low price*, SEK194,20150.80177.20165.70127.9
Closing price 31 Dec*, SEK197,20220.30187.10195.50181
Average number of trades per listed day*60905413486949075060
Average turnover per listed day, SEKm*538526564531505
Market capitalisation, 31 Dec., SEKbn224245207215199
ISIN-code Swedbank A: SE0000242455 

* Turnover date include turnover on Nasdaq Stockholm.



Date per share, SEK20172016201520142013
Earnings per share before dilution ¹) ²)17,3817.6014.2314.9311.76
Earnings per share before dilution, continuing operations ¹) ²)14.2415.1713.89
Earnings per share after dilution ¹) ²)17,3017.5014.1314.8111.66
Earnings per share after dilution, continuing operations ¹) ²)14.1415.0513.78
Equity per share119,80116.60114.40106.3599.82
Cash dividend per common share13,0013.2010.7011.3510.10
P/E11,412.513.113.1  15.4 
Price/equity per share1,651.891.641.841.81

¹) Since the terms to convert the preference shares to common shares are mandatory,  the preference shares are included in the calculation of key ratios. 
²) Without deducting the preference share dividend. When calculating earnings per share according to IA S 33, the non-cumulative preference share dividend is deducted from profit.
The calculations are specified in Note G19.

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