Telecom operators, who have traditionally had a very strong position on the market, have encountered new competition in recent years, especially from digital challengers. Based on our vast industry knowledge and experience in both the Swedish and the international telecommunications markets, Swedbank’s telecoms team has built up close and sustainable relationships with a number of leading players in the telecom market. We work with fixed network operators, integrated and mobile operators, telecoms equipment vendors, network providers, and suppliers of base stations and infrastructure.

Within media and technology, our team works with a number of large companies working on a global scale. Most are based in Sweden, but we also work with fast-growing startup companies in the tech sector. These are tech-based companies, often funded by angel, seed or venture capital, that can grow from SMEs into large companies in a relatively short timeframe.

In a capital-intensive sector where companies often face major long-term investments, we are a stable strategic adviser handling different types of capital and risk management issues. We also act as corporate bond issuing agents and offer transactional services, with Cash Management and Trade & Export Finance as cornerstones.

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