As always, we have been hard at work delivering updates and improvements to our APIs. In this newsletter we share new features already available in production as well as updated statistics on availability and performance. Also, some information on upcoming changes later during 2021.

  • [Baltics] Due to infrastructure changes planned downtime on 22nd of April night is expected up to 2h (approximately 00:30-02:30 EEST);


New PSD2 services already available in production

  • [Latvia] AISP flow is optimized and now TPP can add additional scopes for balances and transactions in authorization flow and access PSU data after customer confirms access to account information. This is only available in Latvia.
  • [Baltics] additional hosts for each of home markets are launched to improve compliance to OAuth2.0 standard implementation. From now on you can call API with .lt, .lv, .ee and .com domains. It may be used as fallback mechanism for .com domain in case of some network issues and vice versa.

The documentation is updated and available with all the latest changes.

  • We have released 2021 Q1 quarterly statistics. Please check this page for Sweden and Norway and this page for Baltic countries statistics.


Upcoming deliveries (plans for Q3 and Q4)

In the autumn we introduce an updated API version (v4) with important breaking changes. Three months in advance we will publish more details in the sandbox and documentation.


Here are some hints on what will change:

  • v4 breaking: BGS 1.3.9 compliance – we are aligning and upgrading our API to BGS 1.3.9 version.
  • v4 breaking: Error refactoring – we are improving API error messages and codes to simplify integration.


And we plan new additional changes:

  • [Baltics] Payment multi-authorization – corporate customers will be able to confirm payment which requires double acceptance.
  • [Baltics] Bulk payments – it will be possible to initiate and authorize multiple payments with single SCA.
  • [Baltics] Statements over 90d optimization – it will be possible to consent to get longer than 90d statements (transaction history) for multiple accounts with one SCA.


As always you can reach out to us if you have issues. We provide this form where you can provide additional details that helps us solve issues faster.


Take care,
Swedbank Open Banking team