Also pay attention to the upcoming changes that you might need to prepare for to avoid interruptions or degraded service in the future.

New PSD2 services already available

  • [Sweden] Baskets UI improvements – we have made changes making Baskets more similar to Internet bank functionality;
  • [Sweden] Multi-signature for Baskets – from now on users can have more control over payment initiation;
  • [Sweden] Many recipients signing with only one SCA – this simplifies user journey when there are multiple recipients which needs to be signed in Baskets service;
  • [Sweden, Baltics] Improved error descriptions so that TPP can implement even better errors handling;
  • [Sweden] Bank selection (one of the Saving banks or Swedbank) in decoupled auth approach is improved for a better user experience:
    • As many users only are customer in one of the banks, we have made “BankID” parameter optional for the first login request.
    • Majority of users don’t have to select bank as they are automatically logged in to their bank. Only those who are customer in two or more banks need to select.
    • In case customer has engagement in more than one bank TPP gets an error telling to provide ‘BankID’ parameter. More details can be found in updated documentation (chapter „User Authentication using OAuth 2.0 decoupled approach diagrams“ section).
  • [Sweden] During winter we have improved security in our customer channels (Internetbanken and Mobile bank API). Third-parties are only allowed to use our compliant channels (PSD2 API and the fallback mechanism) for access to customer data and payment initiation. If you haven’t already migrated, please do so in order to be compliant and avoid interruptions in your service;
  • [Sweden, Baltics] We have published availability and performance statistics for our PSD2 API for Q4 2020. Swedish statistics here and Baltic here. We apologize for inconvenience caused by our availability issues last week. The Q1 statistics will reflect that.

The documentation is updated and available with all the latest changes.

Upcoming deliveries

  • Following the EBA opinion on obstacles Payment account list will no longer be available for TPPs who only have PISP license. Bank payment account selection will be available on user interface in the redirect flow. PSU payment account list through API call is only returned to AISPs.
  • Breaking change! If you only have PISP license, please adjust your integration accordingly as account list feature will be removed at the end of February so your integration may stop working. AISPs are not affected by this change.

End of support of Internet Explorer 11 in Baltics

Swedbank plans removing support for Internet Explorer 11 and earlier IE versions from February 2021. This affects all user facing channels. During transition period customer will see additional warning notification about end of support.


As always you can reach out to us if you have issues. We provide this form where you can provide additional details that helps us solve things faster.

Stay safe and happy coding!