We are very sorry that these disturbances have affected your services to our customers. We are working hard to resolve the issues and to deserve your trust. Swedbank’s and Saving banks PSD2 API performance and availability statistics for Q1 will be published in the beginning of April, as usual.


New PSD2 services already available in production

  • Bank account selection on Bank UI – from now on a payment can be initiated by TPP without debtor account provision. The PSU can select account on Bank UI in redirect approach. Available on all markets.

The documentation is updated and available with all the latest changes.


Upcoming deliveries

  • Breaking change! At the end of March allAccounts consent and list of accounts is restricted for PISP. TPP need to make changes to the integration and either initiate payment without debtor account or get debtor account from PSU in your own channels. AISPs are not affected by this change.


As always you can reach out to us if you have issues. We provide this form where you can provide additional details that helps us solve things faster.


Swedbank Open Banking team