Retirement of PSD2 API v2 is scheduled for 30th of September and Sandbox v2 is being closed two weeks earlier on 14th of September. Newest PSD2 API v3 has breaking changes, so please adjust your integration in order to keep your services intact. Once migration to PSD2 API v3 is completed please remember to remove all PSD2 API Sandbox v2 and Production v2 APIs from your Applications in Developer Portal. On 1st of October PSD2 API v2 will not work and requests will fail.


New services soon available

We are working on new services which are delivered in Q4.

  • [Baltics] Future dated payments (2020 October);
  • [Baltics] Recurring payments (2020 October);
  • [Baltics] Possibility to cancel TPP initiated (not executed) payments;
  • [Baltics] Biometric authentication:


Future dated and Recurring (Baltics) payments are already available on PSD2 API Sandbox v3. We are also happy to introduce Decoupled payment signing for Corporate users (even with multiple signatures) for Sweden market. The documentation is updated and available with the latest changes.

As always we are here to help if you need assistance: please if you need any assistance. 

Stay safe and happy coding!