New services already available

We have added some functionality in production that is already available in the API for customers in our three Baltic home markets:

[Baltics] Biometric data (login, payment signing);

This update is done for both Swedish and Baltic integrations:

Important! We have upgraded out API Gateway which enforces correct format for date parameters. We are seeing that some TPPs are sending requests with wrong date format in the ‘validUntil’ parameter. We are planning to force date check to keep our API compatible with Berlin Group standard. This may break your integration, so please check documentation for correct format and update integration accordingly.

The documentation is updated and available with the latest changes.

Future deliveries

[Sweden] Basket payments improvements are planned to release on 2nd of Dec 2020:

  • Improved UI;
  • Clarified error descriptions;
  • Many recipients signing with only 1 SCA;
  • Multi-signature for baskets;
  • A bug fix for adding an account to the preapproved list (decoupled flow);

Important! Following the EBA opinion on obstacles we will add the possibility for customers to select payment account from account list on bank side in the redirect flow. Payment account list will no longer be available for TPPs who only have PISP license. This is already available in our Sandbox and is planned to be released in production by the beginning of Feb 2021.

If you have only PISP license, please adjust your integration accordingly as account list feature will be removed at the end of February, so your integration may stop working. AISPs are not affected by this change.

End of support of Internet Explorer 11

[Baltics] Swedbank plans removing support for Internet Explorer 11 and earlier IE versions from February 2021. This affects all user facing channels. During transition period customer will see additional warning notification about end of support.

As always you can reach out to us if you have issues. We provide this form where you can provide additional details that helps us solve things faster.

Stay safe and happy coding!