New services already available

We have worked hard on new services which are delivered and available in production since 1st of October 2020!

[Baltics] Future dated payments;

[Baltics] Recurring payments;

[Baltics] Possibility to cancel TPP initiated payments;

Small improvements

[Sweden] Clarified authorisation resource expiration and cancelation messages;

[Sweden] We plan to enable “recurringIndicator: true” parameter validation on allAccounts consent as it was described in documentation. Please review your integration and adjust this part accordingly.


Biometric data in Baltics

We have already delivered Biometric data authentication that is unique market solution!

User can login using Biometric data to PSD2 API. Payment signing with Biometric data is coming soon.

The documentation is updated and available with the latest changes. As always, we are here to help if you need assistance. Please if you need any support.


Future deliveries

Following the EBA opinion on obstacles we will add possibility for customer to select payment account from account list on bank side. Payment account list will no longer be available for TPP having PISP role only.


One year of PSD2 and the quarterly performance statistics

To celebrate the first year of PSD2 and the RTS, Swedbank together with Rockit Vilnius arranged a webinar. Presentations from Klarna, Swedbank, Neopay and Berlin Group about the market development and learnings of PSD2 as well as what the next steps will be. There was also a panel discussion. The webinar is available online and you can view it on Facebook (here) or Youtube (here).

Now that quarter 3 have ended we have updated the performance and availability statistics of our PSD2 API for Sweden (here) & Baltics (here).


Swedbank Open Banking team