Upgrading to version 4

Version 4 is an upgrade with improvements and alignment to the Berlin Group Standard. It contains small and big changes that will simplify your development and improve your integrations to Swedbank and the Saving banks. API version 4 is planned to be released in October. V3 will be available limited time after v4 launch.

To simplify your work with the upgrade, we have updated our developer documentation with the new chapter “Migration v3 to v4 guidelines” that we suggest you read carefully. The chapter was written to help developers make the migration to version 4 as smooth and easy as possible. There you will find all upcoming breaking changes listed in one place. Please follow up and assess which changes you need to do.

Here are the highlights:

Breaking changes in v4

  • Error codes and messages were improved to achieve better quality and clarify the situations where errors are returned. With v4 documentation you will find majority of error codes documented in one place.
  • [Sweden] Statement over 90 days consent becomes a one-time valid consent. Due to legal clauses defined in RTS art. 10, every further request of transactions over 90 days history new consent authorized by PSU with SCA is needed. Multiple accounts for requested period will be allowed under this consent.
  • Explicit request for accounts list. Account list consent will not be auto-valid if scope for account list is omitted. Please check if this flow is implemented on your side as required in documentation.
  • [Baltics] In redirect flow after user cancels sign flow redirect to TPP happens by GET instead of POST.
  • Alignment to BGS 1.3.9.
  • Other small changes.


New sandbox in v4

The sandbox comes redesigned in v4. Improved sandbox allows testing more scenarios and better integration with the API, which overall improves the experience with API testing. The sandbox also has implemented common error cases. Test users and test values are presented in documentation.


New services and features in v4

For the Baltic API these new services will be available in API version 4:

  • Statement over 90 days will be improved so that multiple accounts for defined period will be allowed in one consent authorized with SCA.
  • Payment multi-authorization – corporate customers will be able to confirm payment which requires double acceptance.
  • Bulk payments – it will be possible to initiate and authorize multiple payments with single SCA.


Take care, enjoy summer and stay safe,
Swedbank Open Banking team