Upgrading to version 4

Version 4 is an upgrade with improvements and alignment to the Berlin Group Standard. It contains small and big changes that will simplify your development and improve your integrations to Swedbank and the Saving banks. API version 4 is planned to be released in October. V3 will be available a limited time after v4 launch.

New services and features in v4

New services that will be available in PSD2 API version 4:

  • [Sweden and Baltics] Statement over 90 days will be improved so that multiple accounts will be allowed in one consent authorized with SCA.
  • [Baltics] Payment multi-authorization – corporate customers will be able to confirm payment which requires double acceptance.
  • [Baltics] Bulk payments – it will be possible to initiate and authorize multiple payments with a single SCA.
  • Technical endpoints and pages to help in integration:
    • /v4/ping - new endpoint to get API server availability status. Should be used by TPPs in production phase to verify if server is accessible.
    • /v2/testMutualSSL - new endpoint used for onboarding to verify and/or troubleshoot secure connection with the bank.
    • /v2/testSignature - web page designed to help with request signing.

Other changes are described in documentation in chapter “Migration v3 to v4 guidelines” that was written to help developers make the migration to version 4 as smooth and easy as possible. There you will find all upcoming breaking changes and improvements listed in one place. Please follow up and assess which changes you need to do.

TPP name and application name exposed to customers

Currently both TPP name and Application name are displayed to the end customer in different flows. However, some flows in Swedish API might support one name (TPP name or Application name) only. For best clarity, both TPP name and application name will be displayed to the end customer in all flows and in all APIs in next update. Make sure that TPP name and Application name are clear and readable for a customer. Any changes in TPP name can be made by contacting us. Any changes in Application name can be made in the developer portal. For Baltics, Application name change has to be requested by contacting us after the name has been updated in developer portal. In Sweden, updating in developer portal is enough. Please be informed that long TPP name can be shortened in labels on devices for authentication/authorization due to technical device limitations.

New sandbox in v4

The sandbox comes redesigned in v4. Our improved sandbox allows testing of more scenarios and better integration with the API, which overall improves the experience with API testing. The sandbox also has implemented common error cases. Test users and test values are described in the documentation.

Take care,
Swedbank Open Banking team