PSD2 improvements and changes:

  • [Baltics] Account selection in redirect flow on Bank side has been improved with preselected account. When TPP initiates payment without debtor account PSU gets preselected account in the Swedbank UI in redirect flow. PSU can change the account if needed.

Upcoming important changes:

  • [Sweden] Important change from 21st of June! When PSU applies SCA on a different device, we have used QR codes in the flow. For security reasons, we will now make the verification of the QR code mandatory in all our digital channels (PSD2 API and Internetbanken). Please make sure your integration supports it. The change will be implemented on the 21st of June and we don’t want you or our customers to run into any issues.
  • [Sweden] From the 1st of July, customers using IE11 and Edge Legacy won’t be supported in all Swedbank digital channels.

The documentation is updated and available with all the latest changes.

Future improvements in our Support flow

You can always reach out to us if you have issues and we are happy to provide support. However, many issues require several emails back and forth until we have gathered enough information to resolve the question. Therefore, in the upcoming weeks, we will make improvements in the way you can submit support requests or feedback. That way we will collect necessary information directly and hopefully resolve the issues faster. Win-win! Please use this form and provide the additional details if you have questions and we will respond as soon as we can.

Take care and stay safe,
Swedbank Open Banking team