The initial launch was just a first step towards opening up banking services through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to 3rd parties interested in innovating and creating future financial services together with Swedbank.

Now we have added even more content to the Open Banking portal with an updated BETA version of the Sandbox – the first of many updates to come. In the latest version we have expanded the documentation by adding more payment types for both the Swedish and Baltic markets and giving a better understanding of customer sign-up steps with login and consent page examples.

What’s new?

API description ver.2.0. Updated with more detailed information of additional services and the whole flow itself.

Login service. With a similar look as what Swedbank has today in Internet bank, just with less login options.

Consent page. Customers will be redirected to this page to give his consent to the bank on which accounts they allow a TPP to use.

Test data for Sandbox ver.2.0. Test data for the added services

Extended payment types for both Sweden and Baltics disclosed in documentation.

Head to the Developer portal to test the newest Sandbox version