As we hinted in our newsletter a few weeks ago we were working on an improvement in the AIS flow for Swedish customers. This improvement is now available in production. The release adds an option to use additional scopes by adding consents signed by the PSU (customer) in the same SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) as the login. This makes it possible to improve the customers user experience by removing steps in the flow. As a developer you can leave your code as it is (it will continue to work), but if you want to take advantage of this new functionality you need to do additional development. It is typically a small effort and the documentation is updated with the required information.


We also would like to remind you that the old PSD2 API (version 2) will only be available until the end of September 2020. If you want to implement the enhanced customer flow described above and secure your access beyond September then please upgrade to version 3 (that was launched in June).

On the roadmap for Q3 we still have these improvements (we will notify you when they are available):

  • [Sweden] Decoupled payment signing for Corporate users (even with multiple signatures);
  • [Baltics] Biometrics support;
  • [Baltics] Future dated and recurring payments.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback please – we are here to help and want to hear what you think.

Stay safe and happy coding!