We at Swedbank take the task of bringing constant updates your way very seriously, that’s why we were very grateful to receive so much valuable input from you in our recent developer survey. Here is all you need to know about what’s new in the portal today and our plans for the coming months.

Latest updates in Developer Portal

  • After analysing feedback from requests we have implemented changes which will make TPP’s life easier:
    • Request throughput increase – you can call our API more than 4 times a day in certain situations;
    •  Account owner checking – you  can verify if PSU’s account belongs to certain client;
  • We have improved:
    • Swedish international payments;
    • QWAC and QSEAL certificate support improvements;
    • Rewritten documentation from scratch and introduced diagrams for easier flow comprehension;
    • Moved technical documentation from PDF closer to developer’s environment, to Swagger files;
    • Improved Swagger files significantly;
    • Bugfixes;
    • All of mentioned above improves alignment with BGS v1.2;
  • Introduced new features:
    • Future dated payments;
    • Basic support of multi-signing for corporate users;
  • Due to a lot of changes, we decided to introduce API v2. API v1 Sandbox environment is deprecated and will be available for limited time;

And of course with these latest improvements the developer documentation has also been updated.

Our plans for the summer

We have shared our high-level roadmap for Open Banking and here is what we have planned for the coming months:

  • Until mid-summer we are improving domestic and international payments experience for private and corporate customers (error messages, future dated payments, multiple payments, etc.);
  • During summer – confirmation of funds and other minor improvements;
  • Early autumn – start implementing the de-coupled authentication mode.

Open Banking beyond the virtual

Not only are we building a large community online, there are a lot of efforts of partnering with fintechs and expanding our partnerships and community outside the Developer Portal.

  • This spring Swedbank has once more invested in Minna Technologies, which has been our partner since 2017 and has saved Swedbank customers millions since the partnership went live. To read about how it is to collaborate with a bank from their perspective, click here.
  • We have also started a collaboration with KACHING Retail, and are one of the key investors in the fintech company’s financing round. KACHING Retail was founded in 2017, and two years later the company is a leading supplier and developer of mobile payment solutions for larger retailers.
  • We have also acquired Rise Vilnius in Lithuania – the central fintech hub of the city, opening up even more physical meeting spaces for our collaborations and events.

Thank you for tuning in and as always - if you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact us at openbanking@swedbank.com – we are just one quick e-mail away!