We therefore integrate sustainability into our business and our decisions. A more long-term approach creates new business opportunities, reduces risks and encourages businesses to act more sustainably, at the same time that we meet the need for competitive products and services.

Sustainability linked products

Swedbank encourages sustainable business models and tries to offer financing products and services that contribute to the transition to a more sustainable society.

Offers for private customers

  • Green mortgages Swedbank wants to promote sustainable living. The Bank therefore offers customers who live in green housing a discounted mortgage rate.
  • Green car loans Swedbank wants to encourage customers to buy cars that pollute less, to try and reduce average emissions. Customers are therefore offered a discount when they borrow for a more environmentally friendly car that meets certain criteria.
  • Solar loans Discounted interest rate on loans for solar panels, which produce lower electricity costs.

Offers for corporate customers

  • Green loans Green loans, which are part of Swedbank’s total financing offer, promote the environment and a sustainable society. They offer a flexible form of financing that supports positive climate impacts and creates solid and sustainable companies. Green loans are flexible in terms e.g. of tenor and volume, and specific terms and requirements are customised for each borrower and the underlying purpose of the financing.
  • Sustainability linked loans These loans differ from ordinary green bonds in that they can be used for general business purposes rather than a specific purpose. The loans are tied to the borrower’s sustainability performance, which is measured based on social or environmental criteria. How the company performs is thereby tied to the loan’s underlying margin in relation to predetermined sustainability goals. Improved performance reduces the interest rate and financing costs. If the goals are not met, the rate may rise.
  • Green, social and sustainable bonds Swedbank has a strong focus on sustainable bonds for capital market clients. Swedbank Debt Capital Market, in the business area Large Corporates and Institutions, offers green bonds, social bonds and sustainability bonds. This benefits issuers who are seeking green financing, such as businesses and municipalities, as well as investors who actively express a demand for sustainable investments, such as insurance companies, pension managers and fund managers.
  • Sustainability linked bonds Swedbank Debt Capital Market also offers sustainability linked bonds, where the coupon is tied e.g. to environmental goals or specific ESG ratings. The structure differs from traditional green bonds since the income is used for general business purposes rather than a specific purpose and does not require a green framework or regular reporting.
  • Sustainability related advice Swedbank Debt Capital Market offers sustainability related advice to issuers. One of the products is a sustainability related peer review based on data from external sources. Swedbank also offers analysis and advice on practically any sustainability question through our partnership with Kepler  Cheuvreux. Swedbank Macro Research continuously updates national sustainability indicators, which measure the progress of the Nordic and Baltic countries in meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

For information on environmental considerations in our investment process, please see Swedbank Robur's web site.