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As a major player in the financial market, we can play a part in financing future sustainable innovations. At the same time, by factoring sustainability risks into our decisions, we can reduce social and ecological risks and contribute to a more sustainable business community.

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Stakeholder dialogue helps us develop our business


In focus

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    Sustainability at Swedbank

    We integrate sustainability into our business and our desicions. A more long-term approach creates new business oppportunities, reduces risks and encourages businesses to act more sustainably, at the same time that we meet the need for competitive products and services.

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    A fair, sustainable and transparent approach to tax as well as having our various stakeholders interests in mind has always been of importance for Swedbank.

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    Policies and guidelines

    Swedbank has developed guidelines pertaining to the group’s responsibility and conduct in relation to customers, employees, owners, partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.


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