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Engagement rubs off on customers and colleagues

Cafe business meeting

Employee value and strong performance are created through opportunities for development, professional leaders and an inspiring work environment. The emphasis is also on creating a work-life balance, so that our employees thrive at work.

Engaged, competent employees are the key to building value added relationships and developing services that meet our customers’ needs. To help our employees address future challenges, we have focused on three key areas:

  • Skills development – lays the groundwork for competitive offerings
  • High engagement – for increased customer satisfaction and new business
  • Professional leaders – develop employees and our customer relations

Focus areas for 2017

To meet future customer needs, we will continue to emphasise skills development, create opportunities for internal mobility and promote diversity and gender equality. We will invest in employee development, simplify internal communication and conduct quarterly follow-ups with the goal of strengthening employee engagement. Our managers will adopt a values-based approach to leadership, where coaching is critical to successfully and effectively lead employees through change and development.

Equality and diversity

Swedbank's aim is to set an example on issues involving customer relations, business ethics and responsibility for important social concerns such as gender equality and diversity.

Gender equality and diversity policy

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