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Sustainability Policy

From the start, Swedbank has tried to find financial solutions to the most pressing problems for individuals, businesses and societies. Promoting a sound and sustainable society is our main competitive edge in attracting customers, staff and investors. Being an inclusive bank - caring for and being open to all customers and employees regardless of their economic situation, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity or disability - is the key to a market share that has enabled us to create leading bank services. Our success as a bank is inextricably linked to helping meet the social and environmental challenges of our times.

Use of the policy

The Sustainability Policy is the proactive partner of the Code of Conduct. It outlines Swedbank’s responsibility towards the society we act in and is an important part of. It defines sustainability for Swedbank and guides all actions, instructions, and targets relating to Swedbank’s role as an enabler of a sustainable society.

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