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Swedbank Försäkring

Sustainability report for Swedbank Försäkring (Swedbank insurance), a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedbank.

Swedbank Försäkring’s sustainability investments work is based on the vision and values to enable people, businesses and communities to grow. We aim to do this in a sustainable way and therefore the definition on sustainable investment for the insurance company is acknowledge on the Bank's policy and guidelines for sustainability work.

Swedbank Försäkring's responsible investment

  • We believe that companies that see the opportunities in responsible investment have better and more stable long-term return.
  • When you invest in Swedbank Robur funds or in funds on our guided fund range, Fondguiden you got an investment that considered sustainability issues.
  • Sustainability and corporate governance risks can affect returns and therefore we act to be a responsible owner by integrating these issues. Vi arbetar för att kunna redovisa klimatavtrycken för våra aktieplaceringar.
  • We support commitments to calculate and report our carbon footprint on equity investment.
  • Swedbank’s sustainability funds environmental, social and corporate governance issues are crucial in the selection of companies the funds invest in.

The responsibility for sustainable development is linked to investment opportunities in traditional pension, fund investments and direct investments.

Policy for responsible investment

As an institutional owner we believe that sustainability factors contribute to long term investment returns and therefore we have a responsibility to act on these issues in the best interest of the policyholders. In traditional pension we direct the management on the asset to act on and consider sustainability. For investment opportunities in unit linked and insurance account we engage and transparently report in these sustainability issues either you invest in Swedbank Robur funds, in funds on our guided fund range, Fondguiden, or some of our direct investments. When you invest in Swedbank Robur fund you can be certain that they act as an active owner on engage and integrate with the companies to consider strong social and corporate governance as well to take responsibility on environmental issues. To support the work Swedbank Robur has sign UN Principle of Responsible Investment (PRI).

Read more about Swedbank Försäkrings work for responsible investment in the environmental policy.

Swedbank Försäkrings environmental policy

Sustainability information

Increased awareness

The fund list includes a filter "funds with sustainability criteria" which includes the funds that meet our sustainability requirements. The funds must, among other things, have an integrated sustainability process where they both opt out but also actively select companies from a sustainability perspective.
Our work with sustainability and external funds

We strive to provide sustainability information about the funds' investments so that customers can make informed fund choices. To be transparent on our guided fund range, Fondguiden, we offer to our clients’ information about funds’ return and sustainability. For customers interested in knowing how a fund takes into account sustainability issues in their investment, we provide Swesif’s sustainability profile, Hållbarhetsprofilen.

For Swedbank’s sustainability funds environmental, social and corporate governance issues are crucial in the selection of companies the funds invest in. For example, questions about emissions from manufacturing, chemicals, health, safety and working conditions are considered.
How does Swedbank Robur work with sustainability funds

Climate impact

When talking about sustainability, climate issue is definitely an inevitable part of it. It’s today’s most important environmental issue. Therefore we calculate the carbon footprint for our equity investments in traditional pension, fund investments, direct investments and for company level in total.