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Swedbank Robur integrates sustainability aspects into its asset management and encourages companies to improve their efforts within the area of sustainability. We believe that risks associated with sustainability can have an impact on a fund’s return. We have a responsibility to take action on these issues in the long-term interests of the unit holders and based on our own values and those of society. Swedbank Robur has signed the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment, PRI.

  • As part of our financial analysis, we identify companies' sustainability risks and opportunities for improvement.
  • We want to influence companies we own to continuously improve within the areas of the environment and climate change, human rights, labor standards and business ethics. We also want to influence companies to have good corporate governance.
  • We exclude companies - Some companies are excluded for sustainability reasons, but our main principle is to remain as owner and use our ability to influence.

Our funds with enhanced sustainability work

For customers who consider companies' sustainability efforts to be of key importance when choosing a fund, we offer funds with enhanced sustainability work. Companies associated to violations of international norms on human rights and the environment and companies related to products such as weapons, tobacco, alcohol, gambling and pornography are not valid for investment in these funds. Companies in our Ethica funds, must present a relevant sustainability work in their respective industry. Ethica also excludes production of fossil fuels.

We launched our first sustainability fund in 1980 and have since developed our ownership and sustainability work. What was initially simple exclusions of certain products and companies, advanced into environmental analysis in the 1990's. In the early 2000s, we further developed our assessments to include social and ethical issues in our analysis. During 2017 and 2018 we have launched several new funds and we will continue to enhance sustainability work in our funds going forward.

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