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Students at universities

Students in the school cafeteria.

We are always on the lookout for future colleagues: talented, young individuals who can help us become an even better bank. We arrange internships, part-time jobs, summer jobs, provide support with master thesis throughout the year in all of our four home markets: Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.

We believe in diversity, in an open and caring environment and simple solutions. This we can achieve together with you! We are a bank, where everybody has a purpose and everybody contributes to success. Our students, interns are introduced to a modern working environment, to smart people in the financial sector and they are involved in real-life projects.

Graduate jobs and trainee programs

Are you close to graduation or do you have 1-2 years of work experience? Then a graduate Job, or a trainee program could be suitable for you.

Kick start your career

Trainees to Analyst Development Program

Part time student jobs and Summer internships

Are you about to take a step into the labour market? Within Swedbank, there are opportunities to work in parallel with your studies.

Internship in all our home markets

To understand Swedbank and our business better we promote internship programs that were so far very successful. We are happy to share the information that depending on your competence and performance in the position you will most likely be offered a position after the internship period. 

Internships in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania

Swedbank Data & Analytics Academy - Estonia
Page for youth – Lithuania

University thesis

Swedbank has a wide range of different roles and areas. Therefore, we can usually offer opportunities to write your university thesis in cooperation with us. We are delighted that we are contacted regarding university thesis. We welcome your questions here. We will contact you if we can help support you with your assignment. We may offer single topics during the term and these will be published here.