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Students at Universities

We are always on the lookout for future colleagues: talented young individuals who can help us become an even better bank.

In Estonia and Latvia, we arrange internships and provide scholarships for promising students like yourself. In Lithuania Internship program has been successfully held since 2010. During this program students are introduced to the company, work close to the best professionals in finance sector and are involved in real-life projects. In Sweden, the "Young Professionals" program brings together bank employees below the age of 35, creating opportunities for networking and personal development.

Part time student jobs and Summer internships

Are you about to take a step into the labour market? Within Swedbank, there are opportunities to work in parallel with your studies. We offer both summer internships and Part time jobs that are advertised on a regular basis on our career site.

Internship at Large Corporates & Institutions (LC&I)

Job offerings for university students

Meet us at your University/College

You who study have the chance to meet us at your college or university. We participate in some labor market days and other activities.

Contact the local office in the field of information.

University thesis

Swedbank has a wide range of different roles and areas. Therefore, we can usually offer opportunities to write your university thesis in cooperation with us.

We may offer single topics during the term and these will be published here.

Unga jobb

Unga jobb is the banks initiative to help fresh graduates in Sweden to get into the labour market.

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