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Group Functions & Other

Business meeting around a big table in office.

Group Functions & Other consists of central business support units such as Digital Banking, Customer Value Management and Group Treasury and the product areas Group Lending & Payments and Group Savings. The role of Group Functions is to support the CEO and the Group’s business operations.

Group Functions are also responsible for drafting and monitoring the application of Group-wide guidelines and processes, for Group-level decisions on the application of policies on behalf of the CEO, and for compiling, analysing and providing information to the CEO and the Board of Directors.

Other Group Functions are:

  • Group Strategy
  • Group Compliance
  • Group IT
  • Group Risk
  • CEO Office including Group HR, Group Legal, Group Communication, Group Sustainability, Group Public Affairs and Group Branding
  • CFO including Group Treasury

In addition to group functions there is Internal Audit, which reports to the Board of Directors.

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