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Important years

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The first Swedish savings bank was founded in Gothenburg.
The first Swedish agricultural cooperative bank was founded in Stockholm.
1942 Sparbankernas Bank ("The Savings Banks' Bank) established as the various savings banks' central bank.
1958 Jordbrukets Bank (The Bank of Agriculture) established as the farming cooperative credit societies' central bank.
1991 12 regional agricultural cooperative banks merged to form Föreningsbanken.
1991 Hansabank was founded in Estonia.
1992 A merger between 11 regional savings banks forming Sparbanken Sverige.
1994 Föreningsbanken was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
1995 Hansabank started operations in Latvia.
1995 Hansabank started operations in Latvia.
1996 Hansabank acquired 100% of Deutsche-Lettische Bank in Latvia.
1996 Hansabank started operation in Lithuania.
1997 FöreningsSparbanken formed through merger between Sparbanken Sverige and Föreningsbanken.
1997 Hansabank acquired a stake in Hoiupank.
1999 Swedbank acquired more than 50% of Hansabank.
2002 Hansabank started operations in Russia.
2004 Hansabank acquired Kvest bank in Moscow.
2005 Swedbank acquired 100% of Hansabank.
2006 The Annual General Meeting resolves to change the bank's name to Swedbank.
2007 Swedbank enters Ukraine through the acquisition of TAS-Kommerzbank (“TAS”).
2008 Hansabank starts the process of changing name to Swedbank in the three Baltic countries.
2013 Swedbank discontinues operations in Russia and its subsidiary in Ukraine is sold.