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About us - Swedbank Försäkring

In December 1990, SparFond Livförsäkring was started. As today, 30 years later, still helps Swedbank and the savings banks' customers to save for retirement, protect against illness and protect survivors in the event of death - but now under the name Swedbank Försäkring.



  • Johan Smedman, Chairman
  • Maria Janson, Commissioner
  • Lena Smeby-Udesen, Commissioner
  • Mirja Herrdin, Commissioner
  • Jens Eriksson, Commissioner
  • Ola Hammarlid, Commissioner
  • Kristine Nordin, Employee representative


  • Johanna Okasmaa Nilsson, CEO
  • Petra Älgekrans, CEO Assistant
  • Göran Böhlmark, Chief Financial Officer
  • Christina Guri Elmquist, Head of Governance and Control
  • Mattias Bandi, Head of Distribution
  • Peter Henn, Head of Actuarial and Protection Business
  • Peter Salomon-Sörensen, Head of Customer management
  • Samia Schneckener, HR Manager
  • Per Högberg, Head of Strategy
  • Torbjörn Andersson Collsten, Chief Product Owner

Short facts

  • CEO Johanna Okasmaa Nilsson
  • Established 1990, head office in Sundbyberg, Stockholm.
  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Swedbank AB.
  • Offers pension insurance, endowment insurance and personal / risk insurances for both private customers and companies.
  • Around 1,2 million customers in Sweden.
  • Approximately 200 employees.

Contact us

Postal address

Swedbank Försäkring AB
105 34 Stockholm


+46 (0)8-5859 0000

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Invoice address

Swedbank Försäkring AB
FE 623, kund-id PFS1001
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