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Swedbank Robur

Swedbank Robur is one of Scandinavia’s largest asset managers and a strong investment partner. Since the foundation in 1967, we have evolved from a small, equity-based mutual fund company into a highly diversified provider of savings products. Swedbank Robur offers savings products and discretionary investment management for private individuals, institutional clients, governments, universities, corporations and labor unions. The product range includes investment funds covering all major regions, sectors and asset classes. Many funds are also offered as part of tax-deferred retirement programs.

Our investment philosophy

  • The philosophy is based on fundamental analysis with focus on risk control.
  • By carefully balancing risks and rewards, we strive to give our clients the highest possible risk-adjusted returns.
  • Our asset management organization is built up in teams to encourage continuity and long-term thinking.
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Swedbank Robur - short facts

  • CEO Liza Jonson
  • Founded in 1967, headquarter in Stockholm
  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Swedbank (major Nordic bank)
  • More than 80 mutual funds
  • About 3.1 million customers in Sweden and 1.1 million in the Baltic region
  • Approximately 220 employees, of which about 60 are portfolio managers and analysts
  • About 1 250 bn SEK in fund management, which of  just over 400 bn SEK in discretionary accounts
  • All our managed capital is covered by our commitment as a responsible asset manager.
  • A large owner in many companies. Public ownership policy since 1996