We strive to help large corporates and institutions to improve their sustainability performance. We offer our clients financial incentives to achieve this goal; this is part of how we create a positive impact through our business. 

  • Strengthen the company's reputation
  • Ensure that sustainability is integrated with the financing strategy
  • Enable positive sustainable growth
  • A flexible form of financing

Sustainability Linked Loan: how it works

Sustainability Linked Loans differ from ordinary green loans in the sense that they can be used for general corporate purposes rather than for a specific purpose. Sustainability Linked Loans are linked to the borrower's sustainability performance measured against Environmental and/or Social and Governance criteria ("ESG"). 

The sustainability performance is thereby linked to the underlying margin of the loan, in relation to pre-agreed sustainability performance targets. Enhanced sustainability performance lowers the interest rate, thereby reducing financing costs; if the targets are not met, the interest rate may increase.