Note that linking can only be done from websites that:

  • Do not violate another party's rights
  • Are not perceived as being immoral, offensive, insulting, racist, violent or otherwise unsuitable
  • Do not violate a law, ordinance or other official instruction

Linking in the text

When you link to us directly within a text or through text links we appreciate that the word "Swedbank" is included in the link. It is best for the visitor with an as explicit link as possible.

  • With general linking to our start page the link's name shall be 'Swedbank', 'To Swedbank's website' etc.
  • With specific linking to a service, function or subdivision the link's name shall explain where the link takes you, e.g. 'To Swedbank's car loans', 'To Swedbank's mortgage loans', 'Read more about Swedbank's car loans' etc. This type of explanatory text can also be placed in a title tag.
  • The linking shall be placed so it is clear that Swedbank is not the sender of the content on the pages that link to Swedbank.

Linking with logotype

The logotype's file name should always include the name 'Swedbank'. Links that include our logotype need to be approved by Swedbank before publication. For approval, e-mail the proposed link, including positioning on the website, to

Handling of our logotype

Swedbank is a registered brand, and it is important that it is handled in accordance with set guidelines. When you use our logotype please respect the free area that must surround it.

It is also important that you do not modify the logotype, e.g. by expanding or condensing it, separating the symbol from the name or otherwise changing its basic shape or proportions. The logotype must be placed against a black, white or other neutral background. If the background is of another colour, the logotype must be placed against a black or white plate (including the free area that must surround it).

The size and placing of the logotype must be such that it is clear that Swedbank is not the sender of the content from the pages that link to Swedbank. The logotype should not be too dominant in relation to the actual sender.

If several logotypes are presented adjacent to each other the size of Swedbank's logotype should be such that it is perceived to be as big as the others. Since the logotype's quality deteriorates and it becomes almost unidentifiable at sizes below 75 pixels (width), it may in many cases be appropriate to use a text link instead of a logotype, unless the size of the logotype can be increased.

Logotypes to download