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Business ethics

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Swedbank is highly dependent on the public's confidence. High ethical standards are the basis for the confidence placed in Swedbank and for Swedbank's reputation.

All operations in Swedbank must be characterised by high ethical standards, which necessitates that Swedbank and its employees actively examine every business transaction and ethically questionable situation on the basis of ethical norms and attitudes.

Swedbank and its employees actively refrain from transactions, assignments and other actions that are incompatible with this policy, instruction or approach, or for any other reason risk adversely affecting confidence in Swedbank.

Fundamental values and principles

Swedbank's contact with customers and other business partners shall be characterised by the following fundamental values and principles:

Confidence - By satisfying customers' needs with care, competence, impartiality and professionalism within the framework of the services Swedbank offers. Swedbank and its employees always act in a way that suggested and completed transactions can be justified with regard to the Swedbank's reputation and the confidence of its stakeholders, and naturally in light of privacy concerns.

A long-term approach - By its actions, Swedbank lays the foundation of a long-term relationship with each customer.

Business understanding - By knowing customers and their financial needs and understanding each transaction, including its purpose and various components.

Competence - By ensuring that the employee who meets the customer has the necessary competence, including knowledge of the Swedbank's financial products and services appropriate for that customer.

Openness - By providing information on products and services that is as clear and as easily understood as possible, so that customers understand the significance of the financial services discussed and proposed.

Respect - By treating customers professionally, regardless of age, gender, religion and ethnic background, and by handling complaints seriously and quickly.

Reliability - By fulfilling commitments in the manner and within the time period promised, and handling personal information provided by customers in accordance with rules on privacy and integrity considerations in general.

Soundness/Conflicts of interest - By always being aware of, and trying to avoid, conflicts of interest, so that the other party's interests are properly considered and they are treated fairly.

Compliance - By observing laws and other regulations, including internal instructions that govern activities, not only literally but also in light of their underlying intent, and not engaging Swedbank in business that may conflict with current regulations. High ethical standards go further, beyond merely refraining from illegal activity. In doing so, Swedbank remains a comfortable distance from such actions.

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