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Supplier relationships

The survival of the Swedbank Group is heavily dependent on the public's confidence. High ethical standards are the basis of the confidence placed in Swedbank and its reputation. Swedbank's ambition is to establish a proactive collaboration with suppliers to promote lawful, professional and fair practices that integrate the respect for human rights, business ethics and the environment.

Swedbank believes that the respect for human rights and the planetary boundaries is essential for Swedbank’s and its business partners´ future and that the bank's contribution to a sound and sustainable society is essential. Therefore, Swedbank wants to take an active part to contribute, within its sphere of influence, to promote human rights, fight corruption and promote respect for the environment. Hence, the supplier relationship is based on a mutual understanding of the importance of respect for human rights, labour rights, environment and business ethics. Swedbank requires suppliers to promote human rights, labour rights, environment and business ethics in own operations and in their supply chain.

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