Corporate Governance

A critical part of our savings offering is fund management. This involves assessing the value of companies today and in the future. We regard sustainability risks as financial risks. Their assessment is an important part of every step in a long-term financial analysis.

As one of the largest asset managers in the Nordic-Baltic region, Swedbank Robur is one of the largest shareholders on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. As such, we are actively involved in corporate governance issues. We strive to exercise our influence over corporate boards and management teams in a positive way. Swedbank Robur is certified by the Global Investment Performance Standard (GIPS) and has signed the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). In addition, Robur offers a number of funds with extensive sustainability criteria.

By maintaining an active involvement in corporate governance matters, we strive to optimize and improve the long-term development of the companies in which we have shareholdings. This, in turn, benefits the return for our fund unit-holders. But we also see this as a way to encourage more transparent reporting in our industry and build good faith in the stock market.

We mainly exert our influence as owners in connection with general meetings and we participate in the nomination committees in companies where Swedbank Robur is one of the major owners. We also maintain an ongoing dialogue with corporate boards and managements regarding corporate governance issues.

In Swedbank Robur’s Ownership Policy, we describe how corporate governance activities are carried out and what demands we place on the companies in which we invest.

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Socially Responsible Investments

Swedbank Robur is committed to socially responsible investments (SRI). Sustainability issues are integrated into the investment decisions by its funds. Sustainability risks are managed like other financial risks and included in an overall analysis. Our managers do not invest in companies where sustainability risks could potentially have a major financial impact.

Our principal strategy is to apply constructive pressure to the companies we choose to invest in. As an owner, we will stay the course and push for improvements when problems are found in a company’s sustainability work. We choose to sell when we no longer see a way of offering help. Swedbank Robur’s sustainability funds place stringent requirements on companies. Sustainability issues are critical to investment decisions. Only companies with the strongest sustainability commitment in each sector qualify as candidates.

The aim of the Robur Ethica fund family is to offer our customers the opportunity to invest in companies that show in a credible manner that they can handle their social, ethical and environmental risks. We do not invest in companies that do not clearly show their willingness to assume such a responsibility. We also look for companies that are capable of realizing the commercial potential of adopting a responsible approach, and which drive development forward. Through analysis and dialogue, we aim to actively support companies in their development toward a more responsible and sustainable enterprise.

Our commitment manifests itself in several ways:

  • Analysis work in dialog with the companies, often at a high level within the company.
  • We promote the best companies and publicize those we regard as good examples in the industry.
  • We conduct an engagement dialog with those companies that we see have the will and potential to improve.
  • We initiate a constructive dialog with companies that are deficient in critical areas.

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