Sustainability in Asset Management

Swedbank’s subsidiary Swedbank Robur has a vision to be a world leader in sustainable value creation. To achieve this, Swedbank Robur’s strategy is to offer sustainable, simple and innovative products that create value.

As a major shareholder on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and with holdings in companies both in and outside Sweden, Swedbank Robur has a responsibility and an opportunity to impact. Through dialogue and active ownership, the fund management company can encourage companies to embrace sustainability and responsible governance.

Sustainability is integrated in the investment philosophy of all asset management operations and sustainability criteria are part of the investment analysis for every class of asset. Swedbank Robur’s funds actively invest in companies that are specifically targeting the environment and climate change, human rights, fair labour or business ethics

Impact as an owner

Swedbank Robur is an active owner and maintains continuous contact with the boards and managements mainly of companies in which its funds are major shareholders.

To create sustainable value, the companies must have a good strategy and tight operational controls, which includes opportunities and risks involving sustainability. This benefit both the companies and fund investors.

Swedbank Robur impacts companies around the world – partly on its own and partly through collaborations, e.g. with the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) network, investor groups, analysis providers and lobbying groups.